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Marx Generators

Our range of Marx Generators features a variety of applications like flash X-ray, HPRF, and HPM, to test and evaluation (T&E), triggering, and material studies.  Erected voltages up to several Megavolts (MV), with low source impedance, result in high system efficiency. Energy storage from millijoules (mJ) up to kilojoules (kJ) as well as ultrafast rise times as low as 200 picoseconds (ps) are a key feature of our generators.

Marx Generator Part Number Description

AC/DC High Voltage Power Supplies - MQ Series


• 12 stage system
• up to 600kV onto 200Ohms
• up to 2250J per pulse
• application: triggering, flashover studies

WJ Series - AC/DC High Voltage Power Supplies | Germany


• up to 300kV
• 1.8kJ stored energy
• high energy density
• HPM / Pulse Charging

LH Open Series - AC/DC High Voltage Power Supplies Germany


• open circuit up to 1.6MV
• up to 10GW power
• flash X-ray

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