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The MG20-22C-2000PF is a megavolt-class Marx Generator specifically designed to drive low-impedance loads. It uses a low impedance, parallel-switched topology, making it well-suited for a wide variety of High Power Microwave (HPM) and flash X-Ray applications.

With a maximum 50 kV charge voltage, and an 18 Ohm source impedance, this generator will deliver a 500 kV, 1.1 kJ pulse into a matched load with a peak power of more than 12 GW.

Marx Generators - MG20-22C-2000PF


With a 600 kV open circuit voltage, the MG15-3C-940PF is capable of delivering 300 kV into a 50 Ohm load, with a peak power of approximately 1.7 GW. The generator is also capable of operating with very high repetition rates for short durations.

  • Maximum open-circuit voltage: 1 MV
  • Peak voltage into matched load: 500 kV
  • Source impedance: 18 Ohm
  • Maximum repetition rate: 20 Hz
  • Energy per pulse: 1.1 kJ