MG10-1C-2700PF Marx Generators High Voltage Product In Germany

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Designed primarily as a high-voltage trigger unit, the MG10-1C-2700PF is an ultra-compact 10-stage generator that has been demonstrated for high-power RF and ultra-wide band radiation. This generator is characterized by a few-ns rise-time and GW peak power levels due to its low inductance design. The MG10-1C-2700PF is capable of delivering 150 kV into a matched load, or as much as 300 kV into an open circuit.

MG10-1C-2700PF Design


The MG10-1C-2700PF is designed to deliver 12 J per pulse and has an impedance of approximately 15 Ohm, giving a maximum peak power of approximately 1.5 GW.

  • 300 kV open-circuit output voltage
  • 3 – 4 ns rise time
  • Requires only pressurized air, a high-voltage power supply, and a suitable trigger source
  • 1.5 GW peak power to matched load