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The MG40-3C-2700PF is a megavolt-class Marx Generator that was originally designed to drive an integrated flash X-ray diode.

With a maximum 40 kV charge voltage, this generator has an open-circuit voltage of 1.6 MV, and can deliver 800 kV into a matched load (70 Ohms), or 670 kV into a 50 Ohm load. This generator has a maximum pulse energy of 260 J and is capable of delivering more than 10 GW of peak power.

MG40-3C-2700PF - Marx Generators


  • Maximum open-circuit voltage: 1.6 MV
  • Maximum peak voltage into matched load: 800 kV
  • Maximum repetition rate: 10 Hz
  • Peak power (matched load):  10 GW
  • Energy per pulse: 260 J
  • Pulse rise-time: ~5 ns