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DC/DC High Voltage Power Supplies

high voltage cable

HVP’s range of high voltage shielded cable, high voltage unshielded cable and multi-conductor high voltage cables are used in medical applications, as well as scientific research projects where high voltage, low current is required. Our high voltage cables are suitable for use on X-Ray apparatus for medical, industrial, research and control applications. They give trouble free performance where pulse type high voltages are required and primarily power industrial CT and X-Ray imaging technology.

X-Ray Cable – High quality, low noise, 3 and 4 core cable for Medical and industrial X-Ray systems. Cable sizes are available for up to 250kVdc. Cables have an EPR Dielectric, semi-conductive, braided shield and heavy duty outer jackets of various materials.
Shielded and Unshielded Cable – A wide range of Coaxial, Triaxial shielded and unshielded cables are available for voltages up to 1 Megavolt dc. Cables are available with EPR, Silicone, Polyethylene and special dielectrics.
HV Connectors and Receptacles – When required cables can be supplied terminated with HV connectors. Receptacles are also available for voltages up to 300kV.
Custom Cable – We have the expertise to design and manufacture custom cable for applications where special cables are required.