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Partial Discharge Test

Partial Discharge Test

All standard tests relating to analog electronics as well as specific high-voltage
and inductive tests can be performed. These take place using calibrated equipment
in our high-voltage secured area. In particular, the Partial Discharge measurement
is the backbone for obtaining knowledge about the reliability of high-voltage electronics
that, for example, is required for critical applications such as high-voltage on flexlayers.

We also offer options for designing auxiliary circuits, performing environmental
tests and compiling product specifications in consultation with our customer.
High-voltage tests of up to 100 kV can be performed at our test facility.

The various tests we offer include:
• Partial Discharge tests
• LCR meter / turn ratio
• Pulse/function generators
• Oscilloscopes
• MegOhm / high-voltage breakdown test
• Multimeters
• 400Hz tests

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