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Deep-Sea High Voltage Power Supply Systems

Pressure-independent power feeding frameworks for the bottom of the ocean

The joint project „Pressure-Neutral High-Voltage Systems” is a research program for the exploration of efficient, low-maintenance power supply systems for deep-sea applications. The participating parties are two Universities in affiliation with two industrial partners.

The main challenge of deep-sea operations is to withstand the extreme conditions: 

  • water exposureimmense pressure (up to 600 bar), 
  • need for minimum maintenance
  • long-term stability under high electrical strain

Topics of investigation

In order to achieve the goal of building a functioning demonstrator system for testing in high-pressure tanks, theoretical knowledge is combined with gathering experimental data about materials and components, grouting compounds and suitable construction methods for electrical assemblies. In particular, low- and high-voltage converters, power-circuit breakers (non-mechanical) and plug connectors will be the subjects of study. 

Demonstrator Setup
Research Efforts at HVP

Research Efforts at HVP

HVP’s focus will, in general, be on testing the suitability of high voltage active and passive components such as diodes and capacitors under high pressure. From this, HVP’s knowledge about high-voltage products is being extended in order to yet improve the technical consultation for distribution of HV-products. 

In addition, HVP will work on the development of  state-of-the-art magnetic cores for inductive components like transformers and chokes.


HVP’s laboratory is constantly expanding in order to enable many more kinds of measurements related to the project but also for general quality checks of HV-products.

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