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The MG20-1C-100NF was designed to be incorporated into the world’s first fully-integrated, compact, portable High Power Microwave (HPM) source developed in a collaboration with Texas Tech University. Applications include HPM and high-voltage insulation studies.

Initially used to directly source a virtual cathode vacuum diode, the generator produced 2 – 4 GHz microwave energy with 100s of MW peak radiated power from a compact, cylindrical package. With a 20 kV charge voltage and 20 stages, this Marx Generator produced a 200 kV pulse onto a matched 20 Ohm impedance, resulting in a peak power of approximately 2 GW.

Marx Generators - MG20-1C-100NF


  • Maximum open-circuit voltage: 400 kV
  • Maximum peak voltage into matched load: 200 kV
  • Maximum repetition rate: 10 Hz
  • Energy per pulse: 400 J
  • Pulse rise-time: ~20 ns