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Coaxial Load Terminations

Our resistive load module provides termination and monitoring capability for a high-voltage, high-power pulse without radiating proximate equipment. Capable of managing pulsed voltages up to 500 kV (<100 ns FWHM) and repetition rates up to 250 Hz (for a 10-pulse burst), the load module contains either a solid ceramic or CuSO4 water resistor insulated inside an aluminum tube. The input port is a high-voltage quick disconnect mated to a coaxial cable, while the termination can be fitted with a high-power current-viewing resistor (CVR) with NIST traceable calibrations and/or a D-dot probe.


  • NIST traceable CVR
  • HVP quick disconnect connector
  • Coaxial form factor resistive load for capturing fast rise-time pulses
  • Comfort-grip handle for ease of handling


  • Oil/air flow ports for high rep-rate operation
  • B-dot or D-dot probes