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High Voltage Capacitors

By maintaining full control over the design and build, we can offer everything as custom, from the lowest level component, through the full system. Our engineers are involved in every product recommendation we make. When we don’t have a perfect offering, they are already primed and ready to help design something new. We also have all of the necessary testing facilities to aid in the development and design process, ensuring that everything we ship has been tested to meet the requirements it was designed for. If you would like something changed or something completely new, just ask, we’ll be more than happy to work with you to meet your exact requirements.

HV NY2/CK1 Series Ceramic Capacitors

NY2/CK1 Series Ceramic Capacitors:

• Low Loss
• High Stability
• RoHS Compliant

High Voltage ST2/ST3 Series Ceramic Capacitors

ST2/ST3 Series Ceramic Capacitors:

• Small and compact design
• Silver plated electrodes
• Use in oil or encapsulated
• Multiple configurations standard

JX5/NX5 Series HV Ceramic Capacitors in Germany

JX5/NX5 Series Ceramic Capacitors:

• Compact size with low dissipation factor
• Low voltage coefficient
• Epoxy encapsulated internal screw thread   design

High Voltage Pulse Capacitors

Pulse Capacitors Features:

• Designed for user specified life
• Multiple terminal configurations
• Metal or plastic case designs
• Low inductance

LC Series Oil Filled Capacitors

LC Series Oil Filled Capacitors:

• DC Filter capacitors
• 1 to 20 µF capacitance
• Voltage 10,000 to 100,000 VDC
• Welded Rectangular Cans

CHN0 Series Metallized Film Capacitors

CHN0 Series Metallized Film Capacitors:

• Up to 650 VRMS Working Voltage
• 250 kVA Max Power
• Up to 600 ARMS Max Current
• Conduction Cooled

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Ceramic Capacitors

High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors suppliers in Germany

SMD Capacitors

Pulse Capacitors

High Voltage Capacitors - HV Products

Oil-Filled Capacitors

Oil-Filled HV Capacitors - HV Products

Metallized Film Capacitors

High Voltage Metallized Film Capacitors

Customized Capacitors

For customized solutions please fill in the Questionnaire as much as possible and return it to HVP. 

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