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Intelligent, Configurable Power Supplies

We offer an extensive range of medium to high power AC-DC power supplies that mainly comprises highly configurable modular power supplies and rack-mounting bulk power units. These include individual power modules with output ratings of up to 3,000 watts, enabling customers to configure bulk power systems with up to 24 kilowatts output capability. Many of these products are available in medically approved versions and feature extensive built-in intelligence. They are renowned for their outstanding performance, reliability and cost-effectiveness 

Multiple and non-standard outputs can be realized. Serieal and parallel connections of all available voltage modules are possible. Please compare datasheets.  All series offer PMBus interfacing. iMP, iVS, and iHP Series power supplies offer digital/analog control as well.

iMP Series - Intelligent, Configurable Power Supplies

iMP Series:

• Up to 1500 W & 21 separate outputs
• Advanced PMBus™ digital monitoring & control functions
• Full medical approval to EN6061-1 Type B

Intelligent, Configurable AC/DC Power Supplies - uMP Series

uMP Series:

• PMBus compliant
• Full EN60950 ITE and EN60601 medical safety approvals
• Up to 12 outputs

Intelligent Configurable Power Supplies - Germany

iVS Series:

• Full medical EN60601 approval
• Up to 4920 Watts output power
• Up to 24 outputs

iHP Series Intelligent Configurable Power Supplies in Germany

iHP Series:

• Outputs parallel up to 1600 A
• Outputs series up to 1000 V
• Up to 8 separate outputs

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