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About Us

Solutions, design, and products fitted to customer’s needs
Since 2005 HVP has been earning their customer’s trust as the leading European supplier for high-voltage components, systems, and related services. Our target is being capable of supplying high-quality and reliability solutions to our clients.  Herby, the main goal is to establish long-term cooperations with our customers by meeting their economical requirements and at the same time deliver excellent product quality and technical support rather than one time sales.  

High Voltage Product Expert - HV Products

HVP’s approach to manufacture, distribution and sale of electronics together with their partner Dean Technology, Inc. is unique. We remain focused on providing the correct product and solution to meet each individual design. All of the engineers on our staff work directly with our customers to ensure best possible technical project support. We firmly believe that through our honest, involved, and direct approach we are best able to meet our customers’ needs.

We know that content and successful customers are what ensure our own long-term success.

With our main office in Munich, Germany, as well as branches in Turkey, Japan, and Korea we emerge to be one of the worldwide most trusted supplier of high- and low-voltage, high-power and -frequency as well as test & measurement components.

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