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Magnetic Components

We can design, manufacture, and analyze a broad variety of coils and electromagnets, ranging from precision low current DC focusing magnets to pulsed coils operating at 300 kA, generating fields as high as 40 Tesla. We manufacture a variety of electromagnetic products to meet our clients’ numerous application requirements, including wire wound electromagnets, foil wound electromagnets, and hollow tube electromagnets. All three of these electromagnet types can be constructed with either copper or aluminum windings, enabling a variety of weight to power output ratios.

We offer a complete line of tape wound soft magnetic cores manufactured from a variety of materials including grain-oriented silicon steels, 50% and 80% nickel alloys, amorphous material, cobalt alloys, and the newest, next-generation material: nanocrystalline. Offering both standard and highly specialized custom core products, we look forward to providing our customers with the highest quality and craftsmanship available in every core we produce.