Best Quality Enclosed Frame, High Power PSUs, HV Products

Enclosed Frame, High Power PSUs

These series of power supplies are designed to simplify mechanical integration of the power supplies into customers’ systems and at the same time provide an extra measure of electrical safety for service personnel.

The range consists primarily of products which are designed specifically as enclosed power supplies, but it also includes enclosed, or cased, versions of many of our open-frame and U-channel low to medium power AC-DC power supplies.

Most of our bulk power supplies feature ITE and medical safety approvals. Many also incorporate a high degree of digital control to provide the modification flexibility, versatility and adaptability for diverse industrial, medical, military, and process automation applications. The range includes bulk power front-end and configurable power supplies, with power output ratings from 300 watts to 4,920 watts.

The enclosed versions of the open-frame products range from approximately 150 watts through to 500 watts. They all have ITE approvals and some also carry medical approvals.

Enclosed Frame - High Power PSUs in Germany

LCM300 Series:

• Total max. Power: 300W
• -40C to +70C with derating
• PMBus Compliant, Variable Speed "Smart Fan"

High Power PSUs - Enclosed Frame

LCM3000 Series:

• Total max. Power: 3000W
• -40C to +70C with derating
• V-Program from 20% to 125%

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