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Varistors & Surge Suppressors

HVP can provide MOVs for high power and high voltage AC & DC applications, these devices will extended the lifetime of the critical components.

  • Varistor (or voltage-dependant resistor) is a component that varies its electrical resistance as the applied voltage changes. At low voltage they have a high electrical resistance and at high voltage a low electrical resistance. In a system they are ideal for diverting surge voltages and spikes away from critical components.
  • Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are made from zinc oxide and other metal oxides placed between two metal plates or contacts. The functions and applications of these components are similar to standard varistors.
Buy Surge Suppressor Assemblies

Surge Suppressor Assemblies:

• Capable of handling long pulses, 100-400    msec
• Fast response time 5-10 nanoseconds
• High body temp. operation, continuous   110°C
• Large mass device and consequently high   energy

Lightning Surge Arrestor

Lightning Surge Arrestor:

• MOV Based
• Distribution rated to 42kV
• Intermediate rated to 138kV
• Polymer Design

High Energy Bare MOV Discs

Bare MOV Discs:

• High surge rating on short pulses
• Fast response time pico-second range
• Low standby (leakage) current
• Board mountable, (Larger devices available)

Thermally Protected - Module MOVs

Thermally Protected - Module MOVs:

• Quick thermal response and perfect circuit cut-off
• High surge current capability
• UL 1443 approved

Selenium Surge Suppressor, Germany

Selenium Surge Suppressor:

• DC type polarized, non-polarized version   available
• High energy, self-healing characteristics

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Metal Oxide Varistors

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