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High Voltage Amplifiers

We offer an extensive line of high-voltage amplifiers with a choice of voltage and current ranges to accommodate a variety of demanding applications. Many models include an automatic crossover compliance limit or current trip feature for protective shut-down. The high-voltage amplifiers are protected against output short circuits and over voltages. These amplifiers are used as high-voltage power supplies in some applications.

High Voltage Amplifiers 20/20C Model - Hv Products

Model 20/20C

• 0 to ±20 kV output voltage
• 0 to ±20 mA output current
• 450 V/µs slew rate

HVA Series - High Voltage Amplifiers Germany

HVA Series

• 0 to 20kV output voltage
• 0 to 250 uA output current
• 40 V/µs slew rate

Model 610E HV Amplifiers dealer in Germany

Model 610E

• 0 to ±10 kV output voltage
• 0 to ±2000µA output current
• 35 V/µs slew rate

Model 2100HF High Voltage Amplifier  - Germany

Model 2100HF

• 0 to ±150 V output voltage
• 0 to ±300 mA output current
• 2000 V/µs slew rate

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Amplifiers ≥ 5 kV

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Amplifiers < 5 kV

High Voltage Amplifier HVA Series