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Integrated Diagnostics

We offer integrated high-speed current diagnostics in coaxial connector high-voltage quick disconnects. We specialize in low-inductance coaxial current-viewing resistors (CVRs) and modular D-dot and B-dot probes.

Designed for our pulsed power systems, high-speed voltage or current diagnostics can be built directly into a customer application or sold as part of an coaxial connector.


* Please note: Our D-dot and B-dot probes are not free-field probes. They are intended for monitoring current or voltage on a conductor.


  • Miniature B-dot or D-dot probes
  • Low-inductance, in-line CVR for measurement of fast (<1 ns) transients without the need for integration
  • SMA or customer-defined termination
  • Good common-mode rejection
  • Optional on all our coaxial connectors


To support our diagnostics,we provides off-the-shelf and custom fiber-optic link solutions. Our analog fiber-optic links operate up to 6 GHz, providing a noise-immune method to transfer signals from antennas and B-dot and D-dot probes, as well as transfer direct measurements to the user’s oscilloscope. Contact us for more information.