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Optimal for Space Critical High Voltage Projects – AEQ Series

We have just launched our new series of ultra-miniature isolated single and dual-output high voltage DC-DC converters. The AEQ series optimizes power conversion in a wide range of medical, life science, industrial and semiconductor equipment applications.

Devices in the AEQ series supply up to 600 VDC at 0.5 W output power from an input voltage of +5 VDC and offer several benefits compared to other small form factor DC-DC converters.  For example, its 1500VDC input to output isolation is 3x higher than the competition. The size of this series makes it optimal for portable equipment and compact high-voltage projects.

Samples can be provided upon request.

HVP Research Project – Deep-Sea High Voltage Power Supply Systems

Since October, 2019 The joint project „Pressure-Neutral High-Voltage Systems” is a research program for the exploration of efficient, low-maintenance power supply systems for deep-sea applications. The participating parties are two Universities in affiliation with two industrial partners one of which is HVP High Voltage Products GmbH. The main challenge of deep-sea operations is to withstand the extreme conditions: water exposure, immense pressure (up to 600 bar), need for minimum maintenance, long-term stability under high electrical strain.

Evolved High Voltage – SPS Series, Digital High Voltage Power Supplies

February 25th, 2020 Dean Technology, Inc. today announced the introduction of its new SPS series of digital high voltage power supplies. These are the first products available using the company’s patented technology developed through years of research that drastically improves the performance and capability of high voltage power supplies. The SPS series provide output from positive or negative 250 volts to 6,000 volts at 4, 20, or 30 watts, and have the ability to configure or customize performance and features through software. Remote monitoring and control as well as expandable functionality are standard on all models.

Optimized High Voltage Diodes – XOE™, eXtreme Optimized Efficiency

October 30th, 2018 Dean Technology, Inc., today announced the introduction of its new technology for high voltage diode production – XOE™, eXtreme Optimized Efficiency. Using the same production line, raw materials, and achieving the same overall yield, diodes made with this technology offer dramatic upgrades in performance in devices of the same size. Diode performance is a delicate balance between many variables, each having a direct impact on the performance of the other. The high voltage diode engineers at Dean Technology (DTI), through a multiple year research and development effort, discovered that by tightly controlling all of these variables and individually designing all elements of each diode it is possible to increase the overall performance beyond that of similarly sized products using the same raw materials.

ST1, ST2, & ST3 Series – High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Stacks

 April 18th, 2017 Dean Technology, Inc., today announced the introduction of its new line of high voltage ceramic capacitor stacks the ST1, ST2, and ST3 series. These are a new line of stacked ceramic disc capacitors, with three different terminal types that range from 6,000 to 12,000 volts and 130 to 1,000 picofarads per disc. They are made from Class II ceramic dielectric materials, with noble metal electrodes, and are all RoHS compliant.

OPC10M – Optocoupler / Optical Switch

September 12th, 2017 Dean Technology, Inc., today announced the introduction of a new high voltage optocoupler, the OPC10M. This 10 kV optical switch is able to variably control a high voltage output up to 10,000 volts by adjusting a reference low voltage input, and is the first product in a new set of optical devices that DTI will be introducing in its HVCA line of products over the coming months.