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High Voltage Test and Measurement

High voltage measurements have a variety of different requirements, and our devices are designed for most of these requirements. We can also offer custom designs for any applications, find a product in the tables below or contact us.

HV Probes Test and Measurement

HV Probes: VD Series

• Max DC/Pulsed V (kV) up to: 400/550
• Max Frequency (Mhz.): 20
• Can be used with either scopes or meters

HV Pulse Current Transformer suppliers in Germany

Current Transformer: Pulse

• Complete isolation from the circuit to be    measured
• Shielded construction, High accuracy   (±0.5%)
• Internal 50 ohm termination for coaxial cable   matching
• Variety of hole sizes to fit most conductors /   voltages

Buy High Voltage Meter for Test and Measurement

HV Meter

• Measures 500 to 40,000 Volts DC
• Large LED display
• Advanced solid-state design

Non-Contacting Voltmeter: Model 344

Non-Contacting Voltmeter: Model 344

Capacitive Voltage Divider - HV Products

Capacitive Voltage Divider

• Max Pulse Voltage in Oil up to 800kV
• Voltage Division Ratio: 1:10.000
• Output Connector – Type BNC Receptacle

HV Test Fixture TF-Series

HV Test Fixture TF-Series

• Make accurate HV in-line measurements
• View and measure AC ripple & noise on DC   HV
• Measure absolute HV DC to 0.25% @ 25   PPM stability
• View and measure Trise, Tfall, overshoot &   settling time

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HV Probes

Buy HV Probes in Germany

Current Transformers

Wideband Current Transformers

HV Meter

Buy Digital HV Meter - HV Products

Electrostatic Voltmeters

Electrostatic Voltmeters Suppliers in Germany

Capacitive Voltage Dividers

Capacitive Voltage Dividers

Partial Discharge Test

HV Partial Discharge Test