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Nearly identical to MG-1C-500PF Marx Generator, the MG17-1C-940PF uses a larger stage capacitor for slightly more energy. This 17-stage Marx Generator is designed primarily for the direct generation of RF. It does this via connection of the generator to the antenna, through a high-voltage coaxial cable.

With a ~200 ps rise-time, this generator is well-suited for shock-exciting a variety of antenna geometries, including TEM horns, helical antennas, monopoles and dipoles. It is capable of delivering 255 kV into a matched load, or as much as 510 kV into an open-circuit. The generator is designed to deliver 7 J per pulse and has an impedance of approximately 116 Ohm, resulting in a maximum peak power of approximately 600 MW.


  • Maximum open-circuit voltage: 510 kV
  • Maximum peak voltage into matched load: 255 kV
  • Maximum repetition rate: 10 Hz
  • Peak power (matched load): 600 MW
  • Energy per pulse: 7 J
  • Pulse rise-time: 200 ps