Metal Oxid Varistor

HV Meter – HVMB Serie.
Messungen bis zu 40kV.

High Voltage Module A Series

10A-25A Series.
10kV to 25kV High Voltage Module.

DRS Series.
DIN Rail Surge Arrestors

High Voltage Diodes.
0 to 35kV Power Diodes.

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The leading distributor for high voltage components and systems on the European market.
HVP High Voltage Products highest priority consist of being a reliable partner for its customer whilst offering a substantial knowledge, due to qualified personnel and long-time experiences in the following markets:

More information about us, the HVP purpose…

HVP Global, LLC (HVPG) was created to overcome a key business issue for smaller companies manufacturing high-voltage components: Overseas representatives and trading companies offer a mishmash of random products through staff poorly trained to sell high-voltage components; most of these companies act as order takers with little or no product marketing or promotion. On the other hand, wholly owned sales offices increase the cost of goods sold, reducing competitiveness, and have isolated product lines that reduce sales staff effectiveness and limit opportunities.