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Trigger Generators

Utilizing a pulse forming circuit, the high-PRF trigger generator provides an 18 kV trigger pulse (into 50 Ohms) at up to 1 kHz pulse repetition frequency (PRF) to a Marx Generator unit. LED indicators on the front panel notify users of trigger-circuit HVPS conditions. Additional front panel options include: diagnostics, thyratron HVPS analog out, Marx analog out (V), Marx current out, and Marx V peak. Signals can be monitored on any 1- MΩ oscilloscope channel or handheld DVM through front panel BNC jacks.

The unit also conditions and routes optical signals from a delay generator (BNC 575) to control the charge and inhibit cycles of the thyratron HVPS and Marx HVPS (typically Lambda 802L or 402L). This functionality allows pulse charging of both the thyratron and the Marx Generator. The pulse charging mode minimizes high-voltage DC degrading effects (e.g. corona) and provides a safer high-voltage environment by inhibiting the default state of all power supplies.

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