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The MG12-1C-150NF (MG12) is a 12-stage Marx generator designed for triggering large pulsed power systems, flashover studies, HPM, and other applications requiring up to 600 kV onto a 200 Ohm load. The MG12 is designed to deliver up to 2250 J per pulse, and has an impedance of 12.7 Ohms. An optional integrated load and CVR was designed into this system for diagnosis of the output when the system is submerged into the oil tank of a large pulsed power system and connected to the high-impedance of a mid-plane triggered spark gap.


The MG12-1C-150NF is capable of delivering 600 kV into a 200 Ohm load, with a peak power of approximately 6.92 GW. The generator was initially designed for triggering large pulsed power systems and has an optional integrated load and CVR for diagnostics of the output.

  • Maximum open-circuit voltage: 600 kV
  • Maximum peak voltage into matched load: 300 kV
  • Maximum repetition rate: 1 Hz
  • Energy per pulse: 2250 J