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TF Series – High Voltage Test Fixture

The TF Series product line is designed to support the need to make accurate measurements of high-voltage power supply (HVPS) & HV system performance. These reduced-size HV test fixture devices can be used for research and development, incoming inspection, production testing, field testing, or calibration. Each TF Series device, when coupled with a conventional meter or oscilloscope, is a stand-alone test fixture optimized for a specific HV testing function. The TF Series is engineered to support accurate measurement of ripple, noise, pulses, absolute DC, DC stability, DC line regulation, DC load regulation, etc.

  • Make accurate HV in-line measurements
  • View and measure AC ripple & noise on DC HV
  • Measure absolute HV DC to 0.25% @ 25 PPM stability
  • View and measure Trise, Tfall, overshoot & settling time
  • Measure & monitor signals from 35Hz to 10MHz
  • View signals from DC to 20MHz
  • View and measure AC mV on DC kV
  • PLC Analog/Digital Remote operation capability
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Typical applications:

  • research and development
  • incoming inspection
  • production testing
  • field testing
  • calibration