HVP’s expertise in controls and data acquisition led to the development of turnkey software packages for our pulsed power systems. With both time and safety paramount in testing, remote control of a high-voltage platform provides safety for the user, while intuitive probe calibration and reporting functions dramatically reduce hours spent on tests.

Control Software

For our MIL-STD test systems, system control and monitoring is available for PCs, laptops, or tablets as a single front panel. This interface provides all pulser control features found on the system’s power and control rack front panels, including arm, fire, and emergency stop. Look-up tables provide direct entry of either desired field-strength or output current/voltage to set pressure and charge voltage. The user can also independently control the voltage and pressure settings, as well as monitor these levels in real-time.

Data Acquisition Software

HVP data acquisition software is tailor-made for our MIL-STD and high-power RF systems. It measures both time and frequency domain characteristics, such as pulse-width (FWHM), rise-time (10-90%), peak amplitude, and FFT (V/m/MHz). The software also generates reports summarizing all data and settings.