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HV switch, variable on-time, push-pull, MOSFET

Fast push-pull switches (half bridges) are very sensitive for reverse currents from inductive load or from increased wiring inductance. Reverse currents may turn-on the intrinsic (parasitic) MOSFET diodes in an undefined way. This can lead to a short circuit within the bridge switching paths with the further result of a catastrophic failure. Please always make sure that no current swings back into the output of switch. This should be verified by oscilloscope measurements at max. 10% of the actual operating voltage. Please connect always sufficient buffer capacitors (preferably ceramic types) directly to the HV inputs and use sufficient series damping resistors in case of long output wiring. Inductive load on MOSFET switches requires always a fast free-wheeling diode network (serial blocking diode + parallel free-wheeling diode). This protective diode network can be installed externally by means of single diodes of the FDA series . It can also be integrated into the switching module as option I-FWDN. Please read the general instructions carefully.


  • HV push-pull switch in halfbridge configuration 
  • Two switching paths for fast rise and fall time
  • Safe operation due to passive switching path locking

Application Note