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HV switch, var. on-time, low coupling capacitance, MOSFET

The switches of the product group C3 are optimized regarding coupling capacitance against the control side and ground. A low coupling capacitance is the key to an efficient operation at high repetition rates. Reduced coupling capacitances are also desirable in view of low noise emission, good EMC behavior, stable operation and high switching speed. Both LC and LC2 switches fulfill these requirements very well. But if it is about highest switching frequencies (> 300 kHz), then the switches of series LC are the preferred choice. The disadvantage of the LC series is their limited transient immunity which makes them relatively sensitive for sparkovers, short circuits, unstable load and unstable input voltage. In opposite to that, the switches of the series LC2 are designed  for moderate switching frequencies (< 300 kHz) under harsh operating conditions).


  • Versatile HV switch with true relay character
  • On-time controllable by TTL signal
  • LC2 technology for highest transient immunity

Application Note