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High Voltage Bare Probes

Upgraded “bare” versions of our probes for space-saving installation into oil (or SF6) tanks are now available. These probes are similar to the VD series probes with somewhat lower accuracy at a somewhat lower cost. When installing these probes some information about the surrounding areas is required. The length of a VD-120 bare probe (120 kV) is 0.35 m. These units are threaded and can therefore be stacked into higher voltage units. The VD-60 and VD-120 are offered at 60 kV and 120 kV respectively.  The bare probes are now available for use in air, but only at 60 and 1120 kV sizes. Combinations at 180 kV, 240 kV, 300 kV and 360 kV can readily be created. 10,000:1 ratios are typical but other ratios are can be provided. Shielded probes or unshielded probes can be provided.  Typical accuracy is 1 % DC and 1.5 % AC.


  • Max DC/Pulsed V (kV) up to: 300/360
  • Max Frequency (Mhz.): 15
  • Can be used with either scopes or meters