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Serie G2000 - Hochspannungsplasmagenerator

This is our G2000 high voltage / medium frequency generator for creating plasma or discharge at normal atmospheric pressure – with full manual or remote control of all parameters. Its job is to generate plasma at normal atmospheric pressure. You need no vacuum, no liquid. This means easy integration into a production line, with no waste material. The G2000 uses the resonant tank characteristics of transformer / cable / load to operate with (quasi-)sinewave waveshapes. This means very efficient, power-saving operation as well as low electromagnetic interference.
The G2000 is used wordwide in many research facilites and production lines. It is beloved for its fully flexible setting of all parameters. Join the successful users!

G2000 Series High Voltage Plasma Generator - HV Products

Typische Anwendungen

  • Entkeimung von Lebensmitteln
  • Entgiftung von Rauch oder Abgasen
  • Plasmagenerierung bei normalem Atmosphärendruck
  • Koronabehandlung
  • flüssigkeitsfreie Reinigung von Oberflächen