SPL-I/A Series - High Voltage Power Supply

Typical Applications

  • Cable Thumping
  • Electrostatic Air/Oil Cleaners
  • Electrostatic Painting
  • Capacitor Charging, Ionizers
  • Pulse Generators, Ultra Sonic

Input Voltage
24VDC and Universal AC Input Versions

Output Voltage

12 models from 0 to to 30 kV

Output Power
50W of output power

Available as fixed positive or negative

Operating Temperature
0 to +60 Deg.C

Temperature Coefficient


CE mark (LVD and RoHS)

Factory adjustable fault set points
Factory programmable soft start options
LED configurations factory adjustable
Voltage step down function on fault
Factory adjustable time delay on fault restarts
Factory adjustable fault lockout counter

Part NumberMax. Voltage (Vdc)Max. Collector (Vdc)Input VoltageMax. Power (W)Current (mA)Ripple (%V p-p)
SPL-A-AC-15P50150007500230 Vac50 3.4<3
SPL-A-AC-15N50150007500230 Vac50 3.4<3
SPL-A-DC-15P5015000750024 Vdc50 3.4<3
SPL-A-DC-15N5015000750024 Vdc50 3.4<3
SPL-I-AC-15P5015000230 Vac50 3.4<3
SPL-I-AC-15N5015000230 Vac50 3.4<3
SPL-I-AC-30P5030000230 Vac50 1.7<3
SPL-I-AC-30N5030000230 Vac50 1.7<3
SPL-I-DC-15P501500024V dc50 3.4<3
SPL-I-DC-15N501500024V dc50 3.4<3
SPL-I-DC-30P503000024V dc50 1.7<3
SPL-I-DC-30N503000024V dc50 1.7<3