BQ Series - High Voltage Power Supply

The BQ family are sophisticated, 10 kW, high voltage power supplies with low ripple and noise. They are air insulated, fast response units, with tight regulation.

  • Efficiency >80% under full load
  • High load and line regulation
  • Arc quench, arc count, short-circuit & thermal protection
  • 3 year warranty

Input Voltage
208 VAC standard. 380, 415 & 480 VAC optional

Output Voltage

from 0-15kVDC through 0-100kVDC

Output Power


Available as positive, negative or reversible (replace x in part number with -P, -N or -R)

Operating Ambient Temperature

-20 degree C to +40 degree C, -40 to +85° C, storage


typically less than 0.05% RMS of rated voltage at full load

Integral RS-232, USB and ethernet optional communications provide remote control program and monitor

EN61010/ IEC61010, Safety
EN61000-6-4, Conducted and Radiated Emissions
EN61000-6-2:2005, Conducted and Radiated Immunity
2011/65/EU, Restriction of the use of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)

SeriesMax. Output Voltage Max. Output Current Max. Output PowerInput VoltageRipple better than
BQ15R6700 to 15 kV670 mA10 kWThree Phase0.05%
BQ20R5000 to 20 kV500 mA10 kWThree Phase0.05%
BQ25R4000 to 25 kV400 mA10 kWThree Phase0.05%
BQ30R3400 to 30 kV340 mA10 kWThree Phase0.05%
BQ40R2500 to 40 kV250 mA10 kWThree Phase0.05%
BQ50R2000 to 50 kV200 mA10 kWThree Phase0.05%
BQ60R1700 to 60 kV170 mA10 kWThree Phase0.05%
BQ70R1450 to 70 kV145 mA10 kWThree Phase0.05%
BQ80R1250 to 80 kV125 mA10 kWThree Phase0.05%
BQ100R1000 to 100 kV100 mA10 kWThree Phase0.05%