Isolation Transformers

Offering a nearly endless range of configurable custom isolation transformers, we can meet your needs for devices which require electrical transfer, circuit protection and power isolation. In addition to our custom isolation transformers, we also feature a number of standard constructions, with some details listed below. Stangenes has a range of expertise in building isolation transformers with various primary and secondary voltage requirements, isolating voltage capabilities, KVA ratings, insulation media, as well as various sizes and weights to fit your setup.


  • Primary Voltage 120/240/480V
  • Isolation Voltage up to 800kV pulse
  • Medium: Air, Epoxy, SF6, Oil

Epoxy Potted

Model No.Primary Voltage (V)Secondary Voltage (V)VA RatingCapacitance Sec to Pri and CoreIsolation VoltageWt. (lb.)
SIT 30-10012012010070 pF30 kVDC15
SIT 30-25012012025090 pF30 kVDC21
SIT 30-500120/240120/240500125 pF30 kVDC40
SIT 30-1000120/240120/2401000140 pF30 kVDC52
SIT 50-25012012025070 pF50 kVDC23
SIT 50-750120120750110 pF50 kVDC48
SIT 50-1000120/240120/2401000130 pF50 kVDC56

Air, Oil and SF6 Insulated

Model No. SIPrimary VoltageSecondary VoltageKVA RatingIsolation VoltageMedium
1240 A240 V120 V/ 40 A 12.780 kVDCAIR
12 V/ 660 A
6477120 V/ 240 V120 V/240 V0.5150 kVDCEPOXY
2971120 V120 V/ 8.3 A1150 kVDCSF6
1483480 V110 kV/ 400 mA44150 kVDCSF6
5809208 V120 V/ 83.3 A10200 kVDCSF6
1148480 V21 V/ 170 A43954250 kVDCSF6
7469480 V22 V/ 370 A43869270 kVDCSF6
5155117 V117 V/ 8.5 A1300 kVDCOIL
7232480 V100 V/ 150 A15300 kVDCOIL
4952480 V22 V/ 300 A43898350 kVDCSF6
175 V/ 10 A
5424120 V120 V/ 25 A3500 kVSF6
4149480 V60 V/ 650 A39600 kV PULSEOIL
366620 V20 V/ 50 A1800 kV PULSEOIL