CP Series - Oil-Filled Capacitors

Oil-filled capacitors for high voltage power, for a pulsed laser or for induction heating , we can provide your component. We offer a broad range of standard packaging components and internals for oil-filled capacitors applied to energy storage, DC-power filtering, transient snubbing and high alternating current applications.

Part #CapacitanceRated Voltage
CP5130.1 µF10000 V
CP5140.2 µF10000 V
CP5150.5 µF10000 V
CP5161 µF10000 V
CP5180.1 µF20000 V
CP5190.2 µF20000 V
CP5200.5 µF20000 V
CP5211 µF20000 V
CP5220.01 µF40000 V
CP5230.025 µF40000 V
CP5240.05 µF40000 V
CP5250.1 µF40000 V
CP5260.25 µF40000 V
CP5270.01 µF75000 V
CP5280.025 µF75000 V
CP5290.05 µF75000 V
CP5300.1 µF75000 V
CP5310.01 µF100000 V
CP5320.025 µF100000 V
CP5330.05 µF100000 V