SPHT Series - Power Disk Ceramic Capacitors

SPHT Series Ceramic Capacitors are Class 1 parts featuring High Voltage, Current and Power ratings and low self-inductance. A broad variety of these 'Power-Disk' capacitors are offered including the innovative and cost effective 'Ferris-Wheel' configuration. All SPHT capacitors have low dissipation factors. Their structure is both simple and robust, assuring a long trouble free life. SPHT Series feature a phenolic resin coating and a long flashover path. They are built upon a choice of eight Class I dielectrics, providing a broad range of capacitance and temperature coefficients. Uses include RF transmitter circuits, antenna couplings, and other high-power RF applications.

SPHT 70mm Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
SPHT9500MA50 pFNP014 kV40.7 MHz16 A
SPHT9101MA100 pFNP014 kV20.4 MHz16 A
SPHT9161MA160 pFNP013 kV12.7 MHz16 A
SPHT9201MA200 pFN75014 kV10.2 MHz16 A
SPHT9501MA500 pFN75013 kV4.07 MHz16 A
SPHT9102MA1000 pFN75011 kV2.03 MHz16 A

SPHT 100mm Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
SPHT9101MB100 pFNP014 kV48.7 MHz35 A
SPHT9201MB200 pFNP013 kV24.3 MHz35 A
SPHT9401MB400 pFNP012 kV12.2 MHz35 A
SPHT9501MB500 pFN75014 kV9.74 MHz35 A
SPHT9102MB1000 pFN75013 kV4.87 MHz35 A
SPHT9162MB1600 pFN75011 kV3.04 MHz35 A

SPHT 155 mm Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
SPHT5501MA-10500 pFNP030 kV0.662 MHz12.5 A
SPHT5751MA-10750 pFNP030 kV0.442 MHz12.5 A
SPHT5102MA-101000 pFNP030 kV0.397 MHz15 A
SPHT5152MA-101500 pFN80030 kV0.265 MHz15 A
SPHT5202MA-102000 pFN80030 kV0.199 MHz15 A
SPHT5252MA-102500 pFN80030 kV0.159 MHz15 A
SPHT5302MA-103000 pFN80030 kV0.132 MHz15 A
SPHT5402MA-104000 pFN330030 kV0.0994 MHz15 A
SPHT5502MA-105000 pFN330030 kV0.0795 MHz15 A
SPHT5602MA-106000 pFN330030 kV0.0662 MHz15 A
SPHT5702MA-107000 pFN330030 kV0.0568 MHz15 A

SPHT Ferris Wheel Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
SPHTZ500MA-A1050 pFNP020 kV19.9 MHz25.0 A
SPHTZ101MA-A10100 pFNP020 kV10.9 MHz27.5 A
SPHTZ251MA-A10250 pFNP020 kV4.37 MHz27.5 A
SPHTZ501MA-A10500 pFNP020 kV2.98 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ801MA-A10800 pFNP020 kV1.86 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ501MA-B10500 pFN47020 kV2.98 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ751MA-B10750 pFN47020 kV1.99 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ102MA-B101000 pFN47020 kV1.49 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ152MA-B101500 pFN47020 kV0.994 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ801MA-C10800 pFN80020 kV1.86 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ102MA-C101000 pFN80020 kV1.49 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ152MA-C101500 pFN80020 kV0.994 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ202MA-C102000 pFN80020 kV0.745 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ252MA-D102500 pFN330020 kV0.596 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ302MA-D103000 pFN330020 kV0.497 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ502MA-D105000 pFN330020 kV0.298 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ602MA-D106000 pFN330020 kV0.248 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ402MA-E104000 pFN525020 kV0.373 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ602MA-E106000 pFN525020 kV0.248 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ802MA-E108000 pFN525020 kV0.186 MHz37.5 A
SPHTZ103MA-E1010000 pFN525020 kV0.149 MHz37.5 A