HH Series - High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

The HH57 series ceramic capacitors are compact high capacitance parts in a broadcast barrel package. Metric or English terminals are available


  • Compact High Capacitance Parts
  • 7.5 and 15 kVDC Power Ratings
  • Broadcast Barrel Package
  • Metric or English Terminals

HH57 Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
HH57Y751KA750 pFX5T15 kV0.288 MHz6.90 A
HH57Y102KA1000 pFX5T15 kV0.118 MHz5.10 A
HH57Y122KA1200 pFX5T15 kV0.0985 MHz5.10 A
HH57Y152KA1500 pFX5T15 kV0.0851 MHz5.30 A
HH57 CUSTOM750 - 1500 pFN/A7.5 - 15 kVN/AN/A

HH 58 Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
HH58V501KA500 pFX5T7.5 kV12.7 MHz4.90 A
HH58V701KA700 pFX5T7.5 kV9.85 MHz5.10 A
HH58V901KA900 pFX5T7.5 kV8.27 MHz5.30 A
HH58V102KA1000 pFX5V7.5 kV8.31 MHz5.60 A
HH58V202KA2000 pFX5V7.5 kV5.26 MHz6.30 A
HH58V252KA2500 pFX5U7.5 kV4.62 MHz6.60 A
HH58 CUSTOM500 - 2500 pFN/AN/AN/AN/A