BR Series - High Voltage Diodes

Advanced diffusion and manufacturing  techniques allow us to produce a wide range of Power Diodes. Tight control of these designs and processes allow for custom versions of any product within this line, and delivery on short lead times.


  • Fast reverse recovery time for high efficiency
  • Molded plastic body, ANSI/UL94 V-0 rated material
  • RoHS compliant to Directive (EU) 2015/863
Part #Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage (V)Forward Voltage Drop (V)Average Forward Current (mA)Surge Current (A) Reverse Recovery Time (nS)Datasheet
BR2F2000 3.890040100
BR22000 2.4100040 -
BR3F3000 3.890040100
BR44000 4.485020 -
BR5F5000 8.860020100
BR6F6000 10.550020100
BR8F8000 12.940020100