HiLight - RF Plasma Generators

A Compact, Economical, Easy to Install, Low Power RF Platform

Compact, lightweight, and air-cooled, HiLight™ RF generators are ideal for low-power, on-board applications, suiting 13.56 MHz plasma and 1 or 2 MHz processes.

  • Economical
  • Flexible, single-phase input
  • Compact design


  • Compact, lightweight shoebox design
  • Air cooling, Analog user port
  • Wave and pulse mode
  • Phase synchronization (CEX) and pulsing

Designed for use with 230 VAC, single-phase input power, the HiLight™ generators provide up to 600 W into a 50 Ω, non-reactive load. HiLight RF generators provide accurate power regulation and incorporate internal protection limits that enable safe and reliable operation. The RF generators are compact and lightweight, permitting you to mount directly on the tool or chamber. HiLight generators are controlled via a 25-pin analog user port.


  • Easily install in non-19" rack mounts
  • Increase accuracy and reliability with wave or pulsing modes

200, 300, and 600 W

200W: 0.925 MHz
          0.902 MHz to 0.948 MHz VCO range
          for optimum load auto tuning

300W, 600W: 13.56 MHz

Available Interfaces
25-pin user port

AC Input
230 VAC (187 to 253 VAC)

Line Frequency
50/60 Hz


Operating Ambient Temp. Range
+5°C to +35°C