PWC Series - Water-Cooled Ceramic Capacitors

PWC Series Ceramic Capacitors are large water-cooled 'pot' style components providing current capacity to 300 Amperes and maximum reactive power ratings up to 4000 kVA. These parts feature a low dissipation factor Class I dielectric combined with superior structural strength coupled with the high thermodynamic efficiency of water-cooling to allow operation at extremely high power levels and high frequency. They are ideal for operation in the tank circuit of high power RF equipment. Popular applications include induction heating, dielectric heating and high-frequency welding equipment.

Part #CapacitanceRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
PWC10103MA10000 pF10 kV0.623 MHz280 A
PWC12502MA5000 pF12 kV0.561 MHz150 A
PWC14401MA400 pF14 kV5.96 MHz150 A
PWC14102MA1000 pF14 kV2.38 MHz150 A
PWC14152MA1500 pF14 kV2.38 MHz150 A
PWC14202MA2000 pF14 kV1.19 MHz150 A
PWC14252MA2500 pF14 kV0.954 MHz150 A
PWC14502MA5000 pF14 kV0.636 MHz200 A
PWC14752MR7500 pF14 kV0.442 MHz250 A
PWC14752MA7500 pF14 kV0.636 MHz300 A
PWC14762MA7600 pF14 kV0.523 MHz250 A
PWC14103MA10000 pF14 kV0.477 MHz290 A
PWC16402MA4000 pF16 kV0.994 MHz250 A
PWC16502MA5000 pF16 kV0.702 MHz250 A
PWC16602MA6000 pF16 kV0.585 MHz250 A
PWC16762MA7600 pF16 kV0.523 MHz250 A
PWC16103MA10000 pF16 kV0.421 MHz300 A
PWC18762MA7600 pF18 kV0.523 MHz250 A
PWC18103MA10000 pF18 kV0.397 MHz250 A
PWC20302MA3000 pF20 kV1.06 MHz200 A
PWC20602MA5000 - 6000 pF20 kV0.644 - 0.662 MHz250 - 270 A
PWC22752MA7500 pF22 kV0.649 MHz350 A
PWC25502MA5000 pF25 kV0.621 MHz250 A
PWC CUSTOM400 - 10000 pFN/AN/AN/A