HT Series - High Voltage Ceramic Capacitors

HT59 Series
Rated Voltage: 25 kV
Capacitance: 50 to 1500 pF
Max Power: 50 kVA

HT57 Series
Rated Voltage: 15 kV
Capacitance: 10 to 500 pF
Max Power: 35 kVA

HT50 Series
Rated Voltage: 7.5 kV
Capacitance: 10 to 700 pF
Max Power: 10 kVA

HT58 Series
Rated Voltage: 7.5 kV
Capacitance: 40 to 65 pF
Max Power: 10 kVA

HT53 Series
Rated Voltage: 5 kV
Capacitance: 7 to 45 pF
Max Power: 7 kVA

HT54 Series
Rated Voltage: 5 kV
Capacitance: 3 to 40 pF
Max Power: 5 kVA

HT55 Series
Rated Voltage: 5 kV
Capacitance: 1 to 15 pF
Max Power: 3 kVA

HT50 Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
HT50V100KA10 pFNP07.5 kV84.7 MHz7.3 A
HT50V150KA15 pFNP07.5 kV56.5 MHz7.3 A
HT50V250KA25 pFNP07.5 kV39.7 MHz7.9 A
HT50V300KA30 pFNP07.5 kV33.9 MHz8.0 A
HT50V350KA35 pFNP07.5 kV31.3 MHz8.3 A
HT50V400KA40 pFNP07.5 kV27.4 MHz8.3 A
HT50V450KA45 pFNP07.5 kV24.9 MHz8.4 A
HT50V500KA50 pFNP07.5 kV23.0 MHz8.5 A
HT50V550KA55 pFNP07.5 kV21.4 MHz8.6 A
HT50V600KA60 pFNP07.5 kV20.1 MHz8.7 A
HT50V650KA65 pFNP07.5 kV19.4 MHz8.9 A
HT50V750KA75 pFN7507.5 kV19.9 MHz9.7 A
HT50V101KA100 pFN7507.5 kV15.0 MHz9.7 A
HT50V151KA150 pFN7507.5 kV11.0 MHz10.2 A
HT50V171KA170 pFN7507.5 kV10.1 MHz10.4 A
HT50V201KA200 pFN33007.5 kV3.78 MHz6.9 A
HT50V301KA300 pFN33007.5 kV2.90 MHz7.4 A
HT50V401KA400 pFN33007.5 kV2.36 MHz7.7 A
HT50V501KA500 pFN52507.5 kV1.69 MHz7.3 A
HT50V601KA600 pFN52507.5 kV1.49 MHz7.5 A
HT50V701KA700 pFN52507.5 kV1.42 MHz7.9 A
HT50 CUSTOM10 to 700 pFN/AN/AN/AN/A

HT53 Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
HT53T709DB7 pFNP05 kV46.8 MHz3.8 A
HT53T100KB10 pFNP05 kV36.3 MHz4.0 A
HT53T200KB20 pFNP05 kV23.0 MHz4.5 A
HT53T250KB25 pFNP05 kV20.9 MHz4.8 A
HT53T300KB30 pFN7505 kV18.9 MHz5.0 A
HT53T350KB35 pFN7505 kV16.9 MHz5.1 A
HT53T400KB40 pFN7505 kV15.4 MHz5.2 A
HT53T450KB45 pFN7505 kV14.2 MHz5.3 A

HT54 Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
HT54T309DB3 pFNP05 kV42.4 MHz2.0 A
HT54T509DB5 pFNP05 kV30.8 MHz2.2 A
HT54T100KB10 pFNP05 kV24.9 MHz2.8 A
HT54T120KB12 pFNP05 kV22.3 MHz2.9 A
HT54T140KB14 pFNP05 kV23.3 MHz3.2 A
HT54T150KB15 pFN7505 kV35.6 MHz4.1 A
HT54T200KB20 pFN7505 kV44.7 MHz5.3 A
HT54T250KB25 pFN7505 kV37.1 MHz5.4 A
HT54T300KB30 pFN7505 kV32.1 MHz5.5 A
HT54T350KB35 pFN7505 kV28.5 MHz5.6 A
HT54T400KB40 pFN7505 kV24.9 MHz5.6 A

HT55 Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
HT55T109DB1 pFNP05 kV84.7 MHz1.2 A
HT55T209DB2 pFNP05 kV56.5 MHz1.3 A
HT55T309DB3 pFNP05 kV39.7 MHz1.4 A
HT55T509DB5 pFNP05 kV39.7 MHz1.7 A
HT55T709DB7 pFNP05 kV19.4 MHz2.2 A
HT55T809DB8 pFN7505 kV19.9 MHz2.4 A
HT55T100KB10 pFN7505 kV15.0 MHz2.8 A
HT55T120KB12 pFN7505 kV11.0 MHz3.0 A
HT55T150KB15 pFN7505 kV11.0 MHz3.0 A

HT57 Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
HT57Y100KA10 pFNP015 kV58.0 MHz11.3 A
HT57Y250KA25 pFNP015 kV28.4 MHz12.5 A
HT57Y500KA50 pFNP015 kV15.4 MHz13.0 A
HT57Y600KA60 pFNP015 kV12.8 MHz13.0 A
HT57Y750KA75 pFN75015 kV10.4 MHz13.1 A
HT57Y101KA100 pFN75015 kV8.53 MHz13.7 A
HT57Y151KA150 pFN75015 kV6.37 MHz14.5 A
HT57Y201KA200 pFN75015 kV5.11 MHz15.0 A
HT57Y251KA250 pFN330015 kV0.890 MHz7.00 A
HT57Y301KA300 pFN330015 kV0.742 MHz7.00 A
HT57Y401KA400 pFN330015 kV0.639 MHz7.50 A
HT57Y501KA500 pFN525015 kV0.433 MHz6.90 A
HT57 CUSTOM10 to 500 pFN/A7.5 kV10 kV15 kVN/AN/A

HT58 Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
HT58V400KA40 pFN7507.5 kV31.5 MHz8.9 A
HT58V500KA50 pFN7507.5 kV28.1 MHz9.4 A
HT58V600KA60 pFN7507.5 kV24.9 MHz9.7 A
HT58V650KA65 pFN7507.5 kV23.0 MHz9.7 A
HT58 CUSTOM40 to 65 pFN/AN/AN/AN/A

HT59 Series

Part #CapacitanceMaterialRated Voltage Frequency HI max (RMS)
HT594500MA50 pFNP025 kV18.0 MHz16.8 A
HT594750MA75 pFNP025 kV13.6 MHz17.9 A
HT594101MA100 pFNP025 kV13.0 MHz20.2 A
HT594131MA130 pFNP025 kV14.2 MHz24.1 A
HT594151MA150 pFN75025 kV13.9 MHz25.6 A
HT594201MA200 pFN75025 kV14.3 MHz30.0 A
HT594251MA250 pFN75025 kV16.0 MHz35.5 A
HT594301MA300 pFN330025 kV5.18 MHz22.1 A
HT594501MA500 pFN330025 kV3.36 MHz23.0 A
HT594701MA700 pFN330025 kV2.73 MHz24.5 A
HT594801MA800 pFN525025 kV2.10 MHz23.0 A
HT594102MA1000 pFN525025 kV1.99 MHz25.0 A
HT594152MA1500 pFN525025 kV1.67 MHz28.1 A
HT59 CUSTOM50 to 1500 pFN/A15 - 25 kVN/AN/A