Our NEW Long Surface Mount Diodes


The cost and quality advantages of surface mount manufacturing technology make it extremely popular in new electronic design. Limited availability of diodes has made the transition to utilize this technology hard for many in the high voltage space – until now!

The long surface mount diode package from Dean Technology, the SL series, provides a much wider range of voltage and current performance. The initial release of this series includes four diodes; details for those parts are on our website here:

SLP05M – 5,000 Volt / 1,000 mA
SLP10M – 10,000 Volt / 450 mA
SLU08M – 8,000 Volt / 850 mA*
SLU15M – 15,000 Volt / 450 mA*

The new surface mount size will support ratings up to 30,000 volts, and we have an extensive roadmap for the SL series. These products will be released over the coming months, and will cover a similar performance range as our existing axial lead products. Custom diodes in the new size are available now for customers that have specific needs not met by the products available with the initial introduction. These parts are ready to be included in your new designs now!

The full product details are always available on our website.

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