NEW High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor Stacks!


The ST1, ST2, and ST3 series of Class II ceramic disc capacitor stacks offer electrical performance up to 12,000 volts and 1,000 pifofarads per disc. Capacitor stacks are ideal for pairing with Dean Technology’s lines of HVCA axial lead and surface mount high voltage diodes to produce a space efficient multiplier for electrostatic paint spraying, or countless other applications.

The use of advanced soldering technology and automation allow DTI to produce these high quality parts in the US while maintaining a cost advantage over the completion. These techniques also mean that lead times are weeks rather than months on new versions or engineering prototypes, so custom solutions can be provided to meet the time demands of new designs!

Full product details can be found on our website, and are available directly from our sales Team. If you need a quote or further details, please contact us.

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