PWC Water-Cooled Ceramic Capacitors


  • 10 to 25 kVDC Working Voltage
  • Up to 4000 kVA Power Rating
  • 400 to 10000 pF Capacitance

Typical applications

  • RF High Power Applications
  • Induction Heating
  • Dielectric Heating
  • High-frequency Welding

PWC Series Ceramic Capacitors are large water-cooled 'pot' style components providing current capacity to 300 Amperes and maximum reactive power ratings up to 4000 kVA. These parts feature a low dissipation factor Class I dielectric combined with superior structural strength coupled with the high thermodynamic efficiency of water-cooling to allow operation at extremely high power levels and high frequency. They are ideal for operation in the tank circuit of high power RF equipment. Popular applications include induction heating, dielectric heating and high-frequency welding equipment.

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