SPHT Ferris Wheel Ceramic Capacitors


  • 20 kVDC Working Voltage
  • Up to 150 kVA Max Power
  • 50 to 10000 pF Capacitance

Typical applications

  • RF Transmitter Circuits
  • Antenna Couplings
  • RF High Power Applications

SPHT Series Ceramic Capacitors are Class 1 parts featuring High Voltage, Current and Power ratings and low self-inductance. A broad variety of these 'Power-Disk' capacitors are offered including the innovative and cost effective 'Ferris-Wheel' configuration. All SPHT capacitors have low dissipation factors. Their structure is both simple and robust, assuring a long trouble free life. SPHT Series feature a phenolic resin coating and a long flashover path. They are built upon a choice of eight Class I dielectrics, providing a broad range of capacitance and temperature coefficients. Uses include RF transmitter circuits, antenna couplings, and other high-power RF applications.

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