High Voltage Capacitors

Ceramic Capacitors

  • up to 50kV working voltage
  • up to 16000pF Capacitance
  • available with different dielectrical Material

Metallized Film Capacitors

  • up to 1000VRMS Working Voltage
  • up to 400kVA Max Power
  • up to 800ARMS Max Current

Oil Filled Capacitors

  • up to 100kV Working Voltage
  • up to 20uF Capacitance
  • available in different cases

Water Cooled Capacitors

  • up to 25kV Working Voltage
  • up to 10000 uF Capacitance
  • up to 200 ARMS Max Current
  • up to 2000 kVA Max Power

Film Capacitors

  • Defibrilator range up to 500uF
  • Film range up to 80uF
  • Snubber range up to 20 uF

Pulse Capacitors

  • Capacitance Range: 0.01 to 50,000uF
  • Voltage Range: 2 to 100kVdc
  • with High Energy