Fast HV Transistor Switches, HTS 501-20-LC2 – HTS 701-20-LC2 – HTS 901-20-LC2


  • 50kV at 200A or 70kV at 200A or 90kV at 200A
  • Variable On-Time
  • Low Coupling Capacitance
  • MOSFET Technology

Typical applications

  • Deflection and Acceleration Grid Drivers
  • Electrical Test Equipment

These MOSFET switches are designed for general high voltage switching applications such as deflection and acceleration grid drivers and electrical test equipment. The switching modules incorporate all features of the weil known HTS switch family: Easy handling, high reliability, low jitter and reproducible switching behaviour. The HTS-LC2 series represents the second generation of Behlke low capacitance switches. The HV transient immunity of the HTS-LC2 series has been improved significantly and is now comparable with that of the standard HTS series.

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