Fast HV Transistor Switches, HTS 31-GSM


  • 2 × 3kV at 30A
  • Push-Pull
  • Variable On-Time
  • True Square Wave Pulses
  • Simple Connection

Typical applications

  • Generation of Square Wave Pulses
  • into Capacitive Load

The HTS 31-GSM push-pull switch consists of two alternately controlled solid-state switches which in turn are made up of a large number of MOSFETs lying parallel and in series. The HTS 31-GSM has all the merits of the well-known range of HTS switches, e.g. simple control, high galvanic isolation, precise switching characteristics, high reliability, long life and small size. The push-pull switch described here can be used above all to generate true square-wave pulses of high edge steepness on a predominantly capacitive or resistive lad. Generator solutions with push-pull switches have distinct advantages over single switches with working resistors as regards power dissipation and pulse droop. In particular overlarge energy-storage capacitors and powerful high-voltage supplies can be dispensed with in the case of purely capacitive loading since no true power has to be provided for the whole pulse duration.

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