Fast HV Transistor Switches, HTS 21-14 – HTS 31-06 – HTS 51-06


  • 2kV at 140A or 3kV at 60A or 5kV at 60A
  • Low Impedance
  • Variable On-Time

Typical applications

  • Pockels Cell Drivers
  • Detection and acceleration grid drivers
  • Piezo drivers
  • MCP/SEV pulsers
  • DC/DC converters

These MOSFET switches are designed for general high voltage switching applications such as pockels cell drivers, detection and acceleration grid drivers, piezo drivers, MCP/SEV pulsers and DC/DC converters. The switching modules incorporate all features of the well known HTS switch family: Easy handling, high reliability, low jitter and precise switching. In contrast to conventional high voltage switches like spark gaps, electron tubes, gas discharge tubes and mechanical switches, HTS transistor switches show very stable switching characteristics independent of temperature and age. The mean time between failures (MTBF) is by several orders of magnitude higher than that of the classical HV switches.

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