HV Push-Pull Switching Units, GHTS 30 – GHTS 60 – GHTS 100


  • 3kV at 30-60A or 6kV at 15-60A or 10kV at 15-30A
  • Push-Pull
  • True Square Wave Pulses
  • Nanoseconds Rise Time
  • Highly Stabele Pulse Top

Typical applications

  • Pockels Cells
  • Deflection and Acceleration Grids
  • Ion Optics
  • Piezo crystals
  • Pulsed MCPs and SEVs

The push-pull switching units of model series GHTS are ready-for-use pulsers and are especially designed for capacitive bad elements such as pockels ceils, deflection and acceleration grids, Ion optics, piezo crystals, pulsed MCP's and SEV's. in combination with an external high voltage power supply and a control signal source true square wave pulses can be generated with amplitudes of 3.000 to 10.000 volts depending on type. The pulsers are galvanically isolated and can therefore be operated in both polarities as well as in different floating modes. The units contain two single switches which are alternately controlled to charge and discharge the capacitive bad elements. Due to the absence of working resistors, currents from the H.V. power supply are only drawn to charge the capacitive lad. The charge peak current can reach several ten amperes for a few nanoseconds but as soon as the load capacitance is fully charged the output current decreases almost to Zero. This guarantees an excellent top flatness regardless to the pulse length. GHTS switching units are carefully optimized regarding all relevant high frequency / high power design aspects and show exceptional good switching characteristics.

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