Fast HV Q-Switch Driver, FQD 40-03 – FQD 50-02 – FQD 80-01


  • 4kV at 35A (pk) or 5kV at 25A (pk) or 8kV at 15A (pk)
  • Rise Time 2 – 4 ns
  • High Frequency
  • Compact Design
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Reliable – No Avalanche Technique

Typical applications

  • Pockels Cells in Laser
  • Quality Switching Applications

The Series FQD Q-switch drivers are miniaturized high voltage pulsers for driving Pockels cells in Laser quality switching applications. FQD drivers contain everything necessary for a ready-to-use solution, including a highly reliable Behike solid-state switch and various passive HV part components. Due to its very small dimensions, the FQD driver can be integrated directly into the laser setup. As a result, the length of the pulse transmission line between Q-switch driver and Pockels cell is reduced to a few inches /cm. The capacitive losses are thereby substantially decreased, keeping the power consumption and, consequently, the thermal emission of the driver very low, especially in cases of higher repetition rates. The standard FQD drivers described here are working in the ON-Mode with positive voltage. Additionally, OFF-Mode types for positive voltage are optionally available (option OFF). OFF and ON-Mode types can be configured for negative high voltage power supplies (option NEG).

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