Fast HV Transistor Switch, HTS 50-12


  • 5kV @ 120A
  • Nanoseconds Rise Time
  • Very Large di/dt
  • Galvanic Isolation

Typical applications

  • HV Pulse Generators
  • Pockels Cell Drivers
  • Crow Bar Switches
  • Laser Electronics
  • Power Tube Drivers

This solid-state switch has been designed for high voltage, high speed switching applications such as pockels cell drivers, deflection grid drivers and nanosecond pulse generators. The HTS 50-12 is used for short-time pulse applications requiring very fast rise times in connection with high peak currents. In contrast to conventional high voltage swit¬ches, e.g., with cold cathode tubes, triggered spark gaps or thyratrons, the transistor switch HTS 50-12 has a very short recovery time, a high repetition rate, a very low jitter and the lifetime typical for a semiconductor device. Its semiconductor design allows a stable Operation over the full range of rated voltage. Neither trigger transformer nor high auxiliary voltages are required for Operation.
The switch is triggered by a positive going pulse of 3 to 20 volts amplitude. The on-time after being triggered is typically 150 nano¬seconds. The turn-on rise time depends essentially on the operating voltage, bad capacitance, stray capacitance and stray inductance. Rise times of less than 3 nanoseconds are attainable with optimized circuit designs. Due to the galvanic isolation of more than 10 kVDC, positive as well as negative voltages can be switched on or off. The switch can also be floated at a high potential.

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